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Concrete Wheel Stops

Product Code: AB-CWS-1650

Wheel stops are most commonly used in parking lots and underground car parks to prevent vehicles from colliding with other vehicles, buildings, garden beds or from obstructing pedestrian walkways.

NJM Group Australian Bollards’ concrete wheel stops are ideal for effective delineation of parking and for use in the protection of walls, vehicles and other valuables in all garages and surfaces parking applications.

Our AB-CWS concrete wheel stops are moulded in one piece and are reinforced with an internal steel rod for increased strength, durability and reliability. These wheel stops have bevelled front, back and sides to prevent being pushed over by a vehicle and have the ability to withstand heavy duty impact.

Australian Bollards’ range of wheel stops all comply with current Australian Standards AS2890.1:2004 for compliant physical dimensions in Australia. With pre-drilled holes, they can be installed on both concrete and asphalt surfaces using 2 x 200mm fixings to suit your specific site installation.