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Wheel Stop Solutions – Keeping Car Parks Safe

When you think of a car park and everything else that is involved in it, it can be quite easy to forget the role that a wheel stop plays. 

Wheel stops are not only unheralded but essential and reliable solution when it comes to maintaining protection and safety at a car park. 

Earlier this week Australian Bollards installed several AB-CWS-1650 Concrete Wheel Stops in the car parks at the Caribbean Business Park located in Scoresby. 

With pre-drilled holes, the AB-CWS-1650 can be installed not only on concrete surfaces but those on asphalt as well. It is installed with 2 x 200mm fixings to suit the work sites specific installation requirements. 

Our concrete wheel stops are manufactured into one piece and are also reinforced with an internal steel rod. The steel rod strengthens the wheel stop making it more robust and reliable giving it the ability to endure heavy duty impact and remain undamaged.   

As well as physical tasks, our concrete wheel stops are also capable of resisting a range of environmental challenges such as moisture, UV light or even extreme temperatures making them quite durable.  

All of Australian Bollards’ range of wheel stops comply with the current Australian Road Safety Standards 2890.1 which were formed in 2004 making it the front runner when it comes to parking requirements. 

Wheel stops can be commonly found and utilised in parking lots to prevent vehicles from moving too far into a space or colliding with other surroundings such as buildings, fences, gardens, other vehicles, the kerb or even pedestrians as well. 

Australian Bollards have a strong working partnership with Caribbean Business Park and are proud to be associated with a company whose values of producing and delivering work to a high standard and quality customer service tie in with our own. 

With over 25 years experience in the industry, Australian Bollards gives businesses the peace of mind knowing that their needs and requirements will be solved by a team that is dedicated, hard working, professional and proud of their craft.  

To find out more about how Australian Bollards can provide parking safety solutions for your business, visit our website or call +613 9459 3488 today.